Denmark’s leading Tiki bar, in the centre of Esbjerg

Join us at Brass Monkey on Skolegade 18, and let us take you on a rum-fueled journey. A night at Brass Monkey is a world apart from the stresses of your working week. You might be in Esbjerg, but you’ll feel like you’re on a beach along the South Pacific! At Brass Monkey we are proud to have one of the largest assortment of rums in the whole country, with liquor shipped from all over the world. Drop by to taste some of the finer rums the world has to offer, or, unwind with one of our handcrafted cocktails, sure to satisfy even the most particular of tastes. Even if rum isn’t your thing, we’ve got you covered.

But why is it called “Brass Monkey”?
Like everything in Brass Monkey, there is quite a long story behind it! The name comes from the phrase “cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey”, which we felt was particularly appropriate for Denmark. Of course, a brass monkey is not technically a monkey  made of brass, but rather the indented plate which housed cannonballs on old pirate-like ships. It was said to be made from brass, which, after dropping
to a low enough temperature would contract faster than iron. This would mean that the cannonballs would roll around the deck! The phrase naturally stuck, and a range of things have been named after it since, from sour cocktails to that Beastie Boy’s track. We believe the Danes are just like those cannonballs – the cold doesn’t stop the party, but encourages it!

The Big Kahunas at Brass Monkey pride themselves on three things: